Sweden is known for it's peace, space and beautiful nature; and all these aspects can be found in and around our B&B.


In the surroundings of Nås you have the option to do summer and winter outdoor activities, dine at one of the restaurants or to ski through the beautiful mountains of Dalarna in snow season.


Drive around Lake Siljan and visit nice places such as Leksand (Leksand's crispbread factory), Tällberg, Vidablick (view), Rättvik (summer toboggan run), Nusnäs (Dalarna horse factory), Mora, Sollerön (Viking cemetery), Gesunda (Tomteland), Siljansnäs via Leksand back to the B&B.


Head out to Falun for an excursion through the copper mine or go to the adventuremine near Borlänge. Fun and experience for all ages!


There are also golf courses in the neighbourhood.


In the winter there are lots of opportunities for wintersports, husky sledding, snowmobile tours and more.

Places / activities / musea


Fänforsens Restaurang

Nederborgs Bistro


Lindesnäs Herrgård

Dala-Järna Hotell

Wasastugan Mora

Diner 45 | American 50's diner in Rättvik

Restaurang An An | Asian restaurant in Rättvik


What is dagens rätt or dagens lunch?
The 'dish of the day' is an offer to diners which means that for a fixed price you receive an entire meal, often consisting of a dish, meal drink, salad, bread and coffee/tea. This is in contrast to à la carte, which is individual dishes from the fixed menu.
The 'dish of the day' is mostly served between 11.00 and 14.00 ó clock. Most Swedish people eat a warm meal in the afternoon and in the evening they eat a small warm dish or a sandwich.

Konditorei / Fika

Hjort-Olârs kafé


Vansbro Konditori och Bageri

Jannesgården Café


What is Fika?
Fika, the delightful custom of enjoying a coffee and a treat with friends, is as Swedish as ABBA. Surely it’s just a coffee break? Not quite. It’s much more than that.

Swedish people of all ages and genders are partial to the custom, enjoying it casually at work with colleagues or opting for a more elaborate outing with friends at the weekend. “Let’s do fika,” is one of the most uplifting messages you can receive from a long-lost friend. And the social aspect is as important as the delicious pairing of steaming coffee and sugary pastry – Swedish cinnamon buns being arguably the most popular fika accompaniment.

Fika, which is so well-established that it’s used as both a noun and a verb, can be had indoors or in nature. And thanks to Sweden’s unique Right of Public Access, you’re free to fika almost anywhere. A fika out in the woods or in a nearby park is a popular pastime on a sunny day.


For our snow lovers Sweden might not be the first place to think of for skiing or snowboarding, but the nature of Sweden has it all!
Below 3 of our favorites in Dalarna.


The family in focus in Säfsen!
Säfsen Resort in southern Dalarna is family friendly. Here the children are the focus and we are keen that even the smallest ones should be able to accompany us everywhere. If you like fast-paced activities and pleasant family days, you will enjoy staying with us. The best part is that our area is big enough to feel like the adventures are never ending and small enough that you won't lose each other.

+- 45min drive


For beginners ánd daredevils!

Sälen is a small and quiet village. The ski area is just outside the village and consists of more than 80 km of slopes. Unfortunately, they are not all connected to each other, but are divided over several sub-ski areas. These are: Lindvallen, Högfjället, Tandådalen and Hundfjället. Fortunately, the Ski Shuttle Bus makes commuting easy. The highest point is 1274 meters and from here you can enjoy a magnificent view. Sälen is an ideal destination for families with children and beginners. You will find several easy slopes, children's areas and practice slopes here.

But don't worry: there are amazing slopes for the pro's aswell!

There is also a cool fun park. Besides skiing you can do many other activities.

+- 1hr 45min drive


    A paradise for families with children!
    Child-friendly Björnbuseland but also a more adventurous Nintendo Land and a combination of green, blue and red slopes. There is simply skiing here for all levels and ages. Out on the slopes, we also offer everyone hot organic juice. A perfect energy boost for young and old.

    +- 2hrs drive